Publishing and Promoting Your Scientific Research

Publishing and Promoting Your Scientific Research At the 2017 Word Congress of the International Association for Adolescent Health 2017 in Delhi, India, Tor Berg and Charles Irwin led a workshop on journal publishing. The workshop is intended to demystify the publication process and give attendees an inside view of the editorial operations of a peer-reviewed health-science journal. Attendees went away with a better understanding of how editors select and evaluate manuscripts for publication, how authors can improve their chances of getting their manuscripts published, and how authors can promote their work once its been published. The presentation, titled How to Publish Your Scientific Paper: Advice from Journal Editors, can be downloaded in PowerPoint format here

New Methods Of Treating Anorexia Patients

Our November issue is now available featuring a group of papers on new methods of treating anorexia patients. The editorial by Dr. Daniel Le Grange, "Examining Refeeding Protocols for Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa (Again): Challenges to Current Practices," highlights the four new studies out this month on feeding anorexia patients during inpatient treatment using high calorie diets.
Researchers found that patients who were given a regimen of higher calorie diets gained weight faster than those who ate a lower calorie diet. Current practice is to feed anorexia patients a lower calorie diet but this new research found no cases of refeeding syndrome, a worry for those being treated for anorexia.
The article, "Higher Calorie Diets Increase Rate of Weight Gain and Shorten Hospital Stay in Hospitalized Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa" by Dr. Andrea Garber, et al, was recently featured in both the Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Chronicle.

A Look at the Journal from Pelotas, Brazil

In December 2012, JAH published a supplement describing various analyses of the 1993 birth cohort from Pelotas, Brazil. It’s a fascinating and comprehensive look at a particular group of kids as they enter and progress through adolescence.
Dr. Irwin traveled to Pelotas to participate in the official launch of the supplement. As a part of the event, Dr. Irwin gave a presentation on the history and current state of JAH. The PowerPoint component of his presentation can be downloaded here.

Emerging Issues in Adolescent Health

In February 2013, JAH published a supplement titled “Emerging Issues in Adolescent Health.” The supplement described recent advances in genetics and neuroscience and how they inform current thinking about adolescent development.
Later, in a plenary session at the World Congress of the International Association of Adolescent Health (IAAH) in Istanbul, several of the authors published in the Emerging Issues supplement discussed their findings in more detail.
The supplement’s guest editor, Bob Blum, discussed how recent findings in neural development and epigenetics might be applied to prevention efforts in low- and middle-income countries. The PowerPoint slides from Dr. Blum’s presentation can be downloaded here.

Brain Development: What It Looks Like

Bruce Dick, current president of the IAAH, discussed how recent research is informing public health efforts. Dr. Dick’s slides can be downloaded here.

Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health

JAH editorial board member Vikram Patel gave a global overview of adolescent mental health issues. Dr. Patel’s presentation can be downloaded here.

Adolescent Cognitive Development & Positive Mindfulness

Finally, Suriyadeo Tripathi described how new evidence on adolescent neurodevelopment has informed a clinical intervention in Thailand. Dr. Tripathi’s PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here and his video can be downloaded here.