From never. To persistent.Violence has become our keystone.Illogical, unjust, verifiable.Show me.Have you seen the dentist what does it matterTwo minutes twice a dayDo you eat your vegetables what does it matterAn apple a dayDo you wear a seatbelt what does it matterClick it or ticketDo you have sex what does it matterWrap it upDo you carry a gun I cannot comment on thatWait…whatYou're 15 My neighborhood is badWhat the fuck am I supposed to say?I leave my front door unlocked I wear a hoodie to blend inWhat the fuck am I supposed to say?I wear my hoodies for comfort Friends have been shotWhat the fuck am I supposed to say?My friends have never been in a fight I've been stabbedWhat the fuck am I supposed to say?That paper cut sure did hurt I just want to rapWhat the fuck am I supposed to say?Can I even offer hopeDon't carry a gun, it's dangerousSays the white man to the young Black kidI just want you to be safe That's why I carry a gunWhat the fuck am I supposed to say?Wait right here for your Flu shot


      Originally presented at “Stories of Gun Violence” at Einstein Healthcare Network, November 10, 2021.