Hi! My name is Arielle Warner, and I am a 16-year-old Black teen from the South Side of Chicago. My interests include writing, speaking out about important societal issues, talking with my friends, and doing anything productive for the community as well as myself. I am currently a part of the Ci3 Youth Advisory Council, led by Ci3 at the University of Chicago; and I have been involved since 2019. The Youth Advisory Council is a program full of intelligent and diverse groups of teenagers. These talented teenagers all bring different qualities to promote a community of various experiences that further encourages a space of growth for us as teens, as well as others of our age. We discuss topics ranging from sexual education and health to racial injustice within our community.
      I believe it is extremely important to give people my age a platform to speak out about topics that we usually are not given the credibility to speak on. I believe Ci3 has carried out the perfect job of not only giving us a safe space to work and exist in but also to inform other people our age of issues we normally would not think about. Last year, I completed a Zine in which I spoke on police brutality and how social media has played a vital role in how these incidents are displayed to the world, especially during the quarantine. I have taken a particular passion toward this topic because social media is the reason I am more comfortable speaking about the horror of racial injustice that affects me and my peers every day. As a Black person, I think it is important to savor your time as a youth because as you grow up, there will be obstacles and blockades that will force you into situations no child should ever have to go through. I believe that my Zine touches on the importance of getting stories of injustice out to the public, those stories are vital in progressing conversations and starting conversations that are uncomfortable and conversations that are needed to promote growth in our cultures and communities as a unit.