i can't breathesaid George Floyd,the knee of four hundred years of racismon his necki can't breathesaid the woman with fearin her eyes,her lungs attacked by coronavirus,as she was put onto the ventilatori can't breathesaid the nurse, exhaustedafter a long shift,sweating under a hot surgical maskand foggy gogglesi can't breathesaid the young man,poisoned by a toxic drug supplyand generations of trauma and lossi can't breathesaid the one hundred thousanddead Americans,a nation,and a worldin mourningi can't breathesaid cities choked in smokefrom a planet on firebreathe my dearsaid the Buddha of our time,reminding us of the wayto love and healing and transformationbreathe my dearsaid the beloved community,grievingand waking up togetherbreathe my dearsaid mother earth,and let my oceans, mountains,and forests embrace youright now,when it seems so hard just to breatheright now,just breathe- Dzung X. Vo, MD, FAAP, FSAHMMay 29, 2020