Sinclair J, Sinclair L, Otieno E, Mulinge M, Kapphahn C, Golden NH. A Self-Defense Program Reduces the Incidence of Sexual Assault in Kenyan Adolescent Girls. J Adolesc Health 2013;53:374-380.
        omitted to disclose that authors Jake Sinclair and Lee Sinclair are board members of No Means No Worldwide. None of the authors received any financial compensation for their efforts. Cost incurred for data collection and input were funded by the Kenyan NGO, Ujamaa-Africa.
        Golden NH, Keane-Miller C, Sainani KL, Kapphahn CJ. Higher Caloric Intake in Hospitalized Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa Is Associated With Reduced Length of Stay and No Increased Rate of Refeeding Syndrome. J Adolesc Health 2013;53:573-578.
        omitted the following Acknowledgment:


        The authors thank Jordana Sandy for data collection and Ana Fraser for assistance with the tables and Figure 1.

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