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A Systematic Review of Help-Seeking Interventions for Parents of Adolescents.

Help Seeking Interventions for Parents

This systematic review synthesizes evidence of value to those seeking to develop interventions to increase help-seeking among parents of adolescents. The review identifies common behavioral change techniques that could be implemented by other researchers and also highlights promising interventions to serve as models for others to replicate.
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Assessing the Relationship Between Well-Care Visit and Emergency Department Utilization Among Adolescents and Young Adults.

Well-Care Visits Mitigate Emergency Department Utilization

Results of this study suggest that among adolescents engaged with the health-care system, not attending a well-care visit is associated with greater emergency department utilization, with the strongest association seen among 18- to 21-year-olds. Thus, continued emphasis on adolescent well-care visit attendance, a key quality performance metric, may help lower emergency department visits.
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Diagnostic Yield of a Systematic Vascular Health Screening Approach in Adolescents at Schools.

The Value of Health Screening in Schools

Vascular health screening in adolescents had a high diagnostic yield and identified unknown risk conditions that require further diagnostic workup and/or intervention in almost half of all participants. A systematic screening program may aid targeted prevention measures in the young in due consideration of national differences in healthcare systems, available resources, and already existing programs.
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Journal of Adolescent Health

Cover Image - Journal of Adolescent Health, Volume 70, Issue 2
The Journal of Adolescent Health is a multidisciplinary scientific Journal dedicated to improving the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults. The Journal publishes new research findings in the field of Adolescent and Young Adult Health and Medicine ranging from the basic biological and behavioral sciences to public health and policy. We seek original manuscripts, brief reports, review articles, clinical case reports, letters to the editor, and commentaries from our colleagues in Anthropology, Education, Ethics, Global Health, Health Services Research, Law, Medicine, Mental and Behavorial Health, Nursing, Nutrition, Psychology, Public Health and Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Youth Development, and other disciplines that work with or are committed to improving the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults. In addition we seek poetry, personal narratives, images, and other creative works from young people, family and community members, and health professionals that deepen our insights into the lived experiences of adolescents and young adults in a way that can augment scientific peer-reviewed research.

The Journal is the official publication of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM), a multidisciplinary organization committed to improving the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults. One of the Society's primary goals is the development, synthesis, and dissemination of scientific and scholarly knowledge unique to the health needs of young people. To meet this goal, the Society established The Journal of Adolescent Health in 1980.


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Founded in 1968, the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) is a multidisciplinary organization committed to improving the physical and psychosocial health and well-being of all adolescents through advocacy, clinical care, health promotion, health service delivery, professional development and research. 

 Adolescence is a time of dramatic changes in a young person's life — a challenging stage of human development during which pre-teens, teenagers and young adults experience physical, intellectual, emotional and social maturation. These remarkable changes create a special need for adolescent-focused health research and for sensitive, appropriate health care.

Since the 1950s, a group of healthcare professionals has taken on the challenge of learning more about adolescent health and improving the delivery of health services for adolescents by developing and promoting the field now known as  Adolescent Medicine and Health.

Today, SAHM is a multidisciplinary society with an active international membership devoted to advancing the health and well-being of adolescents.



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Measurement of Adolescents’ Mental Health at the Population Level

JAH is proud to present a new supplement issue in progress, Measure of Adolescents' Mental Health at the Population Level.

As supplement articles complete JAH's rigorous peer review process and are published online ahead of the full issue as Articles in Press, please continue to visit this dedicated page as its updated to read, learn from, and share this important work.

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