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It's Time for Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptive Pills

It's Time for Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptive Pills

For the first time the United States Food and Drug Administration is considering granting over-the-counter status to an oral contraceptive, norgestrel 0.075 mg. All people, including adolescents, have a right to determine if and when they have children. This medication is safe and effective, and over-the counter status should be granted with no age restrictions nor requirements for parental consent.

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Inclusive National Educational Policies as Protective Factors for LGBTI Youth Adjustment: An European Cross-National Study

Inclusive National Educational Policies Protect LGBTI Youth

LGBTI youth in countries with inclusive educational policies are less hidden, feel safer at school, and report more life satisfaction. Inclusive teacher training and curricula appear to be particularly protective of LGBTI youth. A multipronged national approach including teacher training and inclusive curricula is needed to better support LGBTI youth. 

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Age of Realization and Disclosure of Gender Identity Among Transgender Adults

Gender Identity Realized in Adolescence Tends to Persist in Adulthood

Some have theorized that people who initially realize their transgender and/or gender diverse (TGD) identities during adolescence will not continue to hold TGD identities in adulthood. This study found that later onset of TGD identity realization was common among TGD adults.

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